Corporate wellbeing has never been more important.

A research paper conducted by Heads Up in 2014 estimates that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces approximately $10.9 billion per year (made up of absenteeism, presenteeism and compensation claims). 

1 in 5 Australians have taken time off work due to stress and/or feeling mentall unwell in the last 12 months

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How We Can Help

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Group Classes 
  • Mana Kai/ Yoga/ Breathwork/ Mindfulness Group Classes   (60-90 mins)

  • De-stress and Enhance Brain Power Workshop (4 hours)
  • Clarity, Manifestation + Visioning Workshop (4 hours)
  • Deep Healing, Reset + Release Workshop (4 hours)

1-1 Sessions
  • Breathwork, Movement, Meditation, Visioning, Energy Healing (60-90 Min Sessions + Packages available)

* Bespoke packages for your company also available (priced on request)

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At Joga Wellness we’re passionate about combatting the stresses of daily life and finding balance, clarity and focus. We use a number of simple, yet powerful tools to help you connect deeply with your body, and create freedom of the mind.

Our sessions - made up of movement, breathwork, mindfulness and visioning - will inspire, motivate and educate your people, to help them get the most out of every day. We will guide your employees to use the tools already within them, to ultimately feel clarity in the mind and in life.

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Reduced stress and anxiety
Improved focus and concentration
Increased energy levels and vitality
Clearer decision-making and increased productivity
Relieves tension from sitting at a desk and improves postural alignment
Combats burnout, exhaustion and adrenal fatigue
Grows self confidence and emotional awareness
Increased physical strength and mobility
Builds a sense of community and morale
Heightened sense of happiness and wellbeing


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- Ana Luh Costa
(Michael Page recruitment)

I had an online afternoon session with my work team and Joey was fantastic! I've always been skeptical with yoga and mindfulness but Mana Kai was all about respecting my limits and connecting with body. Thank you for the breathing tips Joey, I'm using in my day to day and it's making my lockdown less stressful. 

Joey was fantastic!



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I am driven by a deep desire to activate joy, health and happiness in every person I work with. 

With a history of chronic anxiety myself, my intention is to share the very teachings that changed my life through my classes, group programs, private 11:11 sessions, workshops and retreats. 

It is my mission to help you grow physically, spiritually and emotionally, and to find the joy in every moment!

mentor, energy alchemist & ocean obsessed

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Your FREE guide to the best daily practices to reset the nervous system, relieve anxiety and overwhelm, and bring you back to a state of pure joy every day!

De-stress and Relieve Anxiety

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An 8-week journey to awaken your truest expression of health, happiness + prosperity. Providing you with a holistic blueprint that combines ancient wisdom, energetic upgrades and powerful practices that will transform your life forever - mind, body and soul.

The Awakening

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Private Mana Kai and yoga classes, breathwork sessions, and reiki healing (all either in-person or via Zoom).

Individual sessions are tailored to you, providing your body and mind with the healing it most needs. We'll work together to clear stagnant energy, reset the nervous system and get your whole system thriving!

1-1 Classes + Healing Sessions

FOR THose seeking deep healing

helping you to awaken joy, access your greatest potential and come home to you

Other Offerings

8-Week Group Program

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My one-one mentoring packages are an exclusive way to work intimately with me over a three month period, combining the powerful tools, practices and ancient teachings I have learned and embodied over the years. 

The intention during our time together is for you to rediscover the lost parts of yourself, ultimately guiding you back to your true essence and awakening joy. 

One-on-One Mentorship


Join our FREE monthly masterclass to relieve your body + mind of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. You'll leave feeling renewed, with daily tips to upgrade your mind, supercharge your health and access your greatest potential!

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