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My mission is to help bring the joy back into your life and create positive change through breathwork, movement and connection. 

The services I offer all weave into a beautiful and nourishing tapestry that supports your nervous system, helping you to remember who you are at your core.

I know this for sure because these are the practices that have helped me to move through years of anxiety, overwhelm and depression. They helped me to come home to myself, to live a life full of joy, and to truly thrive.

Breathwork + Movement Guide, Mentor and Founder of Mana Kai


I'm Joey.

There’s no coincidence in you reading these words today.

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon them by ‘chance’, or maybe you’ve been hovering over my site for a while now.

Regardless, you are here for a reason.

And not just on this page.

But here. Living and breathing. 

You matter. Your dreams, your heart, your vision - they all matter.

And they exist for a reason.

beautiful friend!

It’s time to remember who you truly are.


i'm ready

Perhaps somewhere along the way you feel you have lost the part of you that is confident enough to pursue your true path.

Maybe you’ve forgotten how to be the person you know you are, underneath the layers of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and limiting beliefs.

You’re likely someone who has achieved much in their life - but fails to see this, instead focusing on the shortcomings.

What do I need to do to truly feel peace and ease?

Why can't I find my passion?

How do I get out of this endless cycle of anxiety, overwhelm and frustration?

How can I connect with my true self and my dharma?

It is no accident you are here. 

It’s time to awaken your joy, remember who you truly are and step into your greatness.

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10 Steps to Happiness

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A transformational breathwork journey designed to help relieve the body of anxiety, overwhelm and fear, taking you on a journey to soften back into yourself whilst balancing the nervous system. 

...Let go of all that is no longer serving you and all that is holding you back
...Open your heart to the deepest kind of love
...Open your mind to endless possibilities
...Feel deeply connected to the world around you
...Create your vision for the future
...Connect with the primordial ripple of your life force, your innate power, your Mana.

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1 April 2023, 11.30am-2.30pm
Byron Bay


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that is Mana Kai! I had the most amazing feeling during the practice.

You held the workshop in the most beautiful surroundings which certainly added to the feelings of relaxation and calm. I felt loved, seen and grounded. My head was empty yet my heart was full!

I felt loved, seen and grounded...


Mana Kai is transformational, inspiring, uplifting, soothing and nurturing. Joey is a phenomenal instructor and her passion is felt during the class. 

The Mana Kai session left me feeling grounded with clarity on what I need to do next in my personal life. I believe everyone will benefit from a Mana Kai class and I can’t wait to be lead by Joey again.

Inspiring, uplifting, soothing and nurturing...

- claudia

Joey magically weaved breathwork, meditation, movement and reflection all together in one practice. Mana Kai is grounding, expansive and allows the student to reflect and feel into the inner realm, which is something we don't allow time for in this busy society.
Let it all unfold through Mana Kai. This is only the beginning!

Grounding, expansive...
magical practice





My one-one mentoring packages are an exclusive way to work intimately with me over a three month period, combining the powerful tools, practices and ancient teachings I have learned and embodied over the years. 

The intention during our time together is for you to rediscover the lost parts of yourself, ultimately guiding you back to your true essence and awakening joy. 

1-1 Mentorship

coming home to you

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