You say YES to new adventures, even those that may scare you just a little, because you find great joy in living in the now, and stretching outside of your comfort zone.

You feel love in all areas of your life - not just romantic love (but yes, that!) - love of connection that really fuels your soul, from friends and soul sisters, to family and even the barista at your favourite coffee place.

Speaking of coffee, you don’t even need one to get through the day - although you might still because it’s a ritual you love. But your adrenals are grounded, your nervous system is solid and you sleep soundly.

Sound like a dream?

Well, for a long time it was just that for me. Something I could only dream of. Until I decided that I wanted to live differently.

I remember clearly what it was like to feel that there’s gotta be more to life - to know deep down I was cutting myself short, to sigh my way through each day and toss and turn my way through the nights.

...waking up each day, as the sun rises, feeling a fullness in your heart, an openness in your mind and a spring in your step.

Just imagine...

I understand the longing for real connection - none of this surface level stuff - but the deeply fulfilling, soul enriching sisterhood that isn’t just reserved for the Instagram highlights reels of those you admire online.

I know that making real, lasting life changes can feel hard.

Heck, I even know what it’s like to fall off the bandwagon, to need accountability and to feel that you’ve hit “rock bottom” a little too many times.

I was always longing for more energy, more excitement, more joy

beautiful woman, let me hold you.

I created The Awakening as a culmination of all of the practices and lessons I have learned in finding my way back home - in heart, body, mind and soul.

Across the 8 weeks we will delve deep into a holistic roadmap, combining ancient wisdom, energetic upgrades and powerful tools to change your life as you know it. We will explore the obstacles keeping you stuck, working with your body + mind at a deep level to enliven stagnant energy, allowing you to access your greatest potential and come home to you.

I am itching to share this with you, because I know, hand on heart, that these teachings and practices will change the way you live your life, just as they have transformed mine.

THIS program IS FOR YOU IF YOU are ready TO

The Awakening isn't for everyone. We're all at different stages of our lives, but those who are ready, this experience will be completely life-changing.


Is this you?

Experience a deep sense of calm, joy and abundance every day (no matter what’s happening in your life)

Become deeply connected to yourself, the elements and those around you

Regulate your nervous system, release anxiety + master your mind

Get to know your body + learn how to become your own healer

Re-discover your core essence + open your heart to love

Gain deep clarity on your purpose + connect with your vision

Release stuck negative emotions + reimagine your world.

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How it Works

the basics

Live Weekly Breathwork Journey + Coaching Call

Incredible Soul Community

 Powerful Embodiment Practices

Personalised Mana Kai Plan

Let's Break It Down

Welcome Ceremony, Understanding Energetics + Setting Intentions

- Understanding Energetics + Epigenetics
- The vital importance of nervous system regulation
- Our core beliefs + self-sabotaging behaviours
- Setting intentions 

Week 1:

Foundations: Authenticity + Building Trust

- Body awareness + agency
- Authenticity vs Attachment
- Tribe + Belonging
- Exploring the shadow: Repression

Week 2:

Connection: Awakening Pleasure + Creativity

- The emotional body: Feeling our emotions
- Connect to your body + to pleasure
- Repairing Relationships
- Exploring the shadow: Denial + Escaping discomfort 

Week 3:

Transformation: Power + Purpose

- Mastering the mind
- Restoring a sense of personal identity
- Getting clear on values + core beliefs
- Making an action plan for goals
- Paralyised will + perfectionism
- Exploring the shadow: Shame + vulnerability

Week 4:

Love: welcoming Deep Love + Balance

- Self love + self worth
- Befriending your ego
- Relationship dynamics
- Creating abundance
- Exploring the shadow: Rejection

Week 5:

Self Expression, speaking your truth, perfectionism

- Expressing truth
- Understanding boundaries 
- Stepping up as a leader
- Exploring the shadow: Guilt 

Week 6:

Manifestation, Purpose + The Quantum Field

- Dream big + imagine possibilities
- Get to know the Quantum Field 
- Chemistry of the body and the importance of Body PH
- Discover your life’s purpose
- Manifestation - special formula
- Raising your vibration + Magnetism
- Exploring the shadow: Separation

Week 7:

The Awakened State

- Open yourself to a higher consciousness
- Accessing dimensions beyond the physical realm
- Stepping into life purpose + your dharma
- Trust + Surrender
- Exploring the shadow: Disconnection

Week 8:

Detailed breakdown of what you get...
  • Our live weekly breathwork journey + coaching call (via zoom) diving into the key themes, with replay available for those unable to make the calls live.
  • Personalised Mana Kai plan to take the practices from the mind, to the body via Movement, Breathwork, Meditation, Journaling, and Visualisation.
  • Group reiki healing sessions to shift any energetic vibrations that are not serving us in stepping into the frequencies we desire. 
  • PDF guides + videos so everything is clearly outlined, and you can revisit the teachings at any time
  • Access to private online FB community group - also known as your sacred container of like-minded connection. Those soul sisters you desire? Here they are! 

  • For the VIPs - you also have access to fortnightly 1-1 mentoring + WhatsApp/Voxer support to supercharge your experience.

Ready to join The Awakening?

we cannot wait to welcome you to the tribe!

Each week, we will take a journey into alchemising your energy centres + exploring ancient wisdom to awaken your truest expression of health, happiness + prosperity. 

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I am driven by a deep desire to activate joy, health and happiness in every person I work with. 

With a history of chronic anxiety myself, my intention is to share the very teachings that changed my life through my classes, group programs, private 11:11 sessions, workshops and retreats. 

It is my mission to help you grow physically, spiritually and emotionally, and to find the joy in every moment!

mentor, energy alchemist & ocean obsessed

the founder

Joey Hurl

We're so confident that you will love the experience that if you complete The Awakening (in full) and don't notice the shifts, we'll happily give your money back :)

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