Perhaps you have read the books, taken the courses and joined group programs but are craving  support on a deeper, more intimate level?

Well, you’re in the right place beautiful!

My one-to-one mentoring packages are an exclusive way to work intimately with me in weekly sessions over a three month period, combining all of the tools and ancient teachings I have learned and practiced over the years.

The intention during our time together is for you to rediscover the lost parts of yourself, ultimately guiding you back to your true essence - an embodiment of your heart, mind, body and soul. 

Each week will allow us the space to dive into whatever you are moving through in the moment, using the chakra system as a path to release anything no longer serving you, clearing old patterns and supporting you on your path of transformation!

These intimate sessions are super powerful and will help you create the life you've always dreamed of!

Spaces are limited, so that I can pour my full energy and love into you. 

I'm here to guide you home to yourself and awaken your greatest potential!

Let's do this together!

I'm ready!

Are you wanting to make big shifts in your life but unsure where to start?

Congratulations! You are now part of The Community and your guide is on it's way you!

Your FREE guide to the best daily practices to reset the nervous system, relieve anxiety and overwhelm, and bring you back to a state of pure joy every day!

De-stress and Relieve Anxiety

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Daily Tips to

The Details

all personalised to you

  • Fortnightly one-to-one intimate breathwork journey / mentoring call
  • Personalised Mana Kai + embodiment plan
  • Personalised breathwork visualisation + self concepting audio recording
  • Voxer support so you are held to account and never feel alone on this journey
  • Guides + videos so you can revisit the teachings at any time
  • Sacred opening + closing ceremony
  • My full devotion to holding you throughout the journey

Mentorship Includes:

  • 3-Month container: $4,444 one-off payment or $1,550 per month, across 3 months
  • 6-Month container: $8,888 one-off payment or $1,500 per month, across 6 months


Let's jump on a call together to and deep dive into what you need support with. A perfect opportunity to work out if we're a good match to work together!

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Mind, Body + Soul:
  • Resetting and regulating your nervous system
  • Energetic attunement + frequency upgrades
  • Exploring and shifting old stories
  • Exploring ancient yogic wisdom + powerful embodiment tools
  • Enlivening your life force energy
  • Accessing new levels of health, happiness + prosperity

Business Support
  • Providing a roadmap to grow your soul business (marketing + business plans)
  • Deep clarity on your purpose + vision
  • Creative direction much more, depending on what your soul needs. 

What I can Support You With:


Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that is Mana Kai! I had the most amazing feeling during the practice.

You held the workshop in the most beautiful surroundings which certainly added to the feelings of relaxation and calm. I felt loved, seen and grounded. My head was empty yet my heart was full!

I felt loved, seen and grounded...


Mana Kai is transformational, inspiring, uplifting, soothing and nurturing. Joey is a phenomenal instructor and her passion is felt during the class. 

The Mana Kai session left me feeling grounded with clarity on what I need to do next in my personal life. I believe everyone will benefit from a Mana Kai class and I can’t wait to be lead by Joey again.

Inspiring, uplifting, soothing and nurturing...

- claudia

Joey magically weaved breathwork, meditation, movement and reflection all together in one practice. Mana Kai is grounding, expansive and allows the student to reflect and feel into the inner realm, which is something we don't allow time for in this busy society.

Let it all unfold through Mana Kai. This is only the beginning!

Grounding, expansive...
magical practice





On repeat


Coffee order

byron bay


I am driven by a desire to activate joy, health and a deep remembrance in every person I work with. 

With a history of chronic anxiety, my intention is to share the very teachings that changed my life through my classes, group programs, private one-to-one sessions, workshops and retreats. 

It is my mission to help you grow physically, spiritually and emotionally, and to transmute any fear into back into love!


the founder

joey hurl

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An 8-week journey to awaken your truest expression of health, happiness + prosperity. Providing you with a holistic blueprint that combines ancient wisdom, energetic upgrades and powerful practices that will transform your life forever - mind, body and soul.

The Awakening

FOR THose seeking connection

helping you to awaken joy, access your greatest potential and come home to you


8-Week Group Program

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We offer corporate sessions aimed to inspire, motivate and educate your people, to reset the nervous system and help them thrive every day.

Our sessions - made up of movement, breathwork, energy healing and visioning - will encourage your employees to activate tools already within, allowing them a clearer state of mind, improved focus and concentration, expanded energy levels and increased productivity.

Workplace Wellness

professional wellness redefined

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Private one-to-one or group breathwork + movement classes with energy healing (in-person or via Zoom).

Individual sessions are tailored to you, providing your body and mind with the healing it most needs. We'll work together to clear stagnant energy, reset the nervous system and get your whole system thriving!

1:1 + Group
Breathwork Sessions

FOR THose seeking deep healing

Join our FREE monthly masterclass to relieve your body + mind of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. You'll leave feeling renewed, with daily tips to upgrade your mind, supercharge your health and access your greatest potential!

release anxiety + awaken joy

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