A transformational experience that cultivates and connects us to a sacred force of energy through the curated integration of breath, movement, visualisation and connection.

Each class and workshop guides you on an expansive somatic journey from your head to your heart, leaving you feeling empowered, aligned and deeply attuned with your core energy. 

Mana Kai

The revolutionary new practice

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1 April 2023, Byron Bay

...Feeling overwhelmed + burnt out? 
...Craving more connection with others?
...Feeling like you’ve lost your zest for life?
...Struggling to sleep and always feeling tired?
...Feeling disconnected from yourself and your body?
...Wanting to feel stronger, more flexible and bursting with energy?

are you...

mana kai has been created to help you shift all of that!

...This is just the beginning!

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Mana Kai incorporates four core touchstones of practice, designed to create powerful shifts in your body, mind and spirit through somatic healing: 

The Practice

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Cultivating energy by infusing the breath with conscious awareness: ⁣
- Reduce stress and anxiety 
- Process stagnant energy, emotions and unresolved trauma
- Create a stronger connection to yourself and your intuition
- Develop grounding practices to return to in any moment 

1. Breathwork

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The Practice

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Tantric yoga, qigong and somatic movement practices that cultivate power, and allow us to create mental and physical balance⁣:

- Enhance mobility and strength
- Increase circulation, detoxification and healing in the body 
- Promote clarity and focus 
- Energise and revitalise your energy

2. Movement

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The Practice

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Activating the imagination, connecting to our essence + our innate power:

- Guided visualization techniques to calm the mind and body 
- Creating clear and focussed intentions
- Generate ideas, manifestations and outcomes

3. Visualisation

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The Practice

Get to know

Deepening our connection to:
- To breath
- To body
- To self
- To the elements
- To others

4. Connection

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EXPLORE THE mana kai experience

The "Art of"


Manifestation + Visioning

coming soon...

The Mana Kai Experience

April 2023


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Thank you so much for the wonderful experience that is Mana Kai! I had the most amazing feeling during the practice.

You held the workshop in the most beautiful surroundings which certainly added to the feelings of relaxation and calm. I felt loved, seen and grounded. My head was empty yet my heart was full!

I felt loved, seen and grounded...


Mana Kai is transformational, inspiring, uplifting, soothing and nurturing. Joey is a phenomenal instructor and her passion is felt during the class. 

The Mana Kai session left me feeling grounded with clarity on what I need to do next in my personal life. I believe everyone will benefit from a Mana Kai class and I can’t wait to be lead by Joey again.

Inspiring, uplifting, soothing and nurturing...

- claudia

Joey magically weaved breathwork, meditation, movement and reflection all together in one practice. Mana Kai is grounding, expansive and allows the student to reflect and feel into the inner realm, which is something we don't allow time for in this busy society.
Let it all unfold through Mana Kai. This is only the beginning!

Grounding, expansive...
magical practice




just imagine...

The Afterglow

...Experiencing a deep sense of calm, peace and happiness every day

...Opening your heart and receiving endless love

...Feeling clearer, more focused and more creative than ever before

...Supercharging your confidence and re-discovering your core essence

...Feeling deeply connected to yourself and those around you

...Reconnecting with and enlivening the warrior within you


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